Background on Google and SEO

If you have a website or are planning to launch one, you have probably heard of the term SEO.
What does this actually mean? And how can that help you?

Google is without a doubt the largest search engine in the world. Every day, millions of Israelis search Google for the various services or products they need during the day. If you need advice from a professional or if you need a particular product, you will probably search for it on Google.

Why Google?

Because Google’s search system today is the smartest search system in the world, and it knows how to tailor the best products / services for you according to what you were looking for.

The system knows how to analyze the search words you searched for in such a smart way, so that even if you did not specify the search word, it is likely that Google will nevertheless know how to tailor relevant and good results for you.

How does Google serve us as business owners?

Okay so we understood what Google contributes to us as customers, but how does Google actually contribute to us as business owners?

If you have a website, you want the customer who is looking for your product to come to your site exactly.
You must be asking yourself, how do I get my site to appear in search results?
There are 2 answers to this:
Promote in a funded way by a certain amount that you budget in advance, in professional language this is called PPC – pay per click.

2. Make your site high quality with rich and interesting content that will add value to the customer, so Google will show you in search results even if you do not pay him money.

Here you actually meet organic promotion and in professional language SEO = search engine optimization, which means optimization (adaptation) of the site to Google search engine.

It is important to understand that Google is ultimately a company that makes money and not a charity. Therefore, if you do not pay them money for sponsored ads on the search network, they will put you in the high results, only if your site is perfectly matched to Google and what the customer is looking for.

3 main factors that help a site advance in Google:

Website Response

Website Response

One of the most important things today in terms of Google ranking is the speed of our site. Of course there is more to expand on site speed and how to do it right, but we will only emphasize here that it is a necessary tool for our site to advance in Google and rank high in search results.
Quality content

Quality content

In website promotion, there is no doubt that 'content is king'. The more quality and valuable content you put on your site, the better it will be promoted on Google. Therefore, it is important to invest heavily in the content that is uploaded to the site and check if it really gives real value to the customer.


Any link we place on other sites that point to our site can help promote the site.
Why does it actually help us? Because any such link that comes from another site to our site, Google counts it as a recommendation, the more we remove links from 'stronger' sites and have more authority in the eyes of Google, the more Google will give exposure to our site promotion.

How long does it take to promote a website on Google?

After we understand what Google is, how the search engine works and what are the ways to appear in it organically and sponsored, you must be asking yourself how long will it take me to appear in the Google search results?

This is the kind of question for which there is no unequivocal answer. Ultimately it depends on the field you are dealing with, how much competition there is, who your competitors are and what the demand is.

All of these things ultimately help us understand how to maximize results and promote the business according to all the parameters that are in the market.
What is certain is that we will do everything to lead to joint success.


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