What is Google Sponsored Advertising?

Google sponsored advertising or in professional terms PPC, it’s just as it sounds – pay money to Google for them to advertise us. The cost of advertising on Google is usually done by cost per click and hence the name PPC = Pay Per Click.

In Google’s advertising system, it is now possible to create a variety of ad types on a variety of platforms, with advertising primarily in the Google search engine, but not only! You can also publish in the Google ADS system in the Google affiliate network and other places that we will expand on later.

What are the top types of campaigns in Google?

Search Network Campaign

Search Network Campaign

The most popular campaign in Google is the search network campaign. If you notice when you search for something on Google, the first and last results on each page will have an AD mark that tells us it is an ad.
We usually pay an amount that starts at 0.5 and can amount to tens of shekels per single click on our ad. What does it depend on?
Google's affiliate network campaign<br />

Google's affiliate network campaign

Another post that can be done through the Google GOOGLE ADS system: This is a Google affiliate campaign, which is basically sites that work with Google and have set up an option on their site to display Google ads. In this campaign you can build remarketing and targeting audiences (segment) people who were on the site so we can always advertise your product / service to those who actually visited the site and were interested in it.
YouTube campaign<br />

YouTube campaign

Yes, YouTube also belongs to Google, and you can build YouTube ads through the Google ADS system. The most popular ads on YouTube are short video ads that run before a video is played. These ads will usually not be suitable for every business but for specific businesses that are relevant for them to advertise through videos.
Shopping campaign

Shopping campaign

A campaign suitable for those who have a virtual store. If you notice that you are searching for a particular product in Google or a product category, you will appear at the top of the page before the search results for products for quick purchase. This is currently one of the most important campaigns for online store owners.

Which campaign is most recommended?

This is the kind of question that is hard to answer on one foot. It is important to tailor the campaigns to the needs of the business and what it offers. We usually combine different campaigns to get effective and maximum results from the campaigns we do.

However, most campaigns will no doubt be search engine campaigns, where the customer searches for the product they need and therefore the conversion will usually be higher. In addition to these, there will be other remarketing campaigns in the media network, a shopping campaign for online stores and a YouTube campaign for a business that needs the publication of a video.