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What is a virtual store?

A virtual store, or more simply an online store, is an online store that sells products through the site.
The market for virtual stores has developed greatly, and today it can be said that every second company that deals in sales is there.
Even well-known and large companies that for many years sold their products only through the branches, realized that they were losing market share that was growing day by day and appropriated to the online market.

In the next article we will explain to you why if you are a business that sells products you must today shop online, and what is the process of building an online store.

What are the benefits of a virtual store?

Availability and convenience<br />

Availability and convenience

There are no opening hours and closing hours on the Internet. Your site will be open and working 24 hours a day. Yes, even if you are asleep, you can receive orders through the website.


A store site that is built in an orderly manner and accessible to the customer, will save you a lot of time. Most of your customers will order directly through the site, without talking to a representative and without wasting unnecessary time. You will only need to prepare the order and take it out for delivery.
Rent savings

Rent savings

Renting a store in Israel today can amount to a considerable expense every month. Add to that all the associated expenses that exist: workers, property taxes, electricity and more and you will receive that long before you put in a shekel from the sales you spent thousands or even tens of thousands of shekels.
What about maintaining an online store? This is a much lower expense than a physical store and there is almost nothing to compare them in terms of expenses.


Remarketing is without a doubt the most powerful thing today. What is remarketing? A customer who was on your site, you can 'paint' or in a simple word mark it, and run ads on it on the various platforms Facebook or Google. Why is it good? A customer who visited the site and even there in a cart and did not purchase, will receive a campaign that will 'remind' him that he was interested in a particular product. Which will increase his chances of making a final purchase.

So, how does it work?

Step 1: Choose a platform to build the store

Step 1: Choose a platform to build the store

We will understand your business and its size and according to this we will recommend you the platform for building your virtual store. The most popular platform today is undoubtedly WordPress which offers an open source system with maximum flexibility. However, there are now other platforms for building virtual stores such as Shopify, Magento, Joomla and more.
Step 2: Characterization and branding

Step 2: Characterization and branding

We will fully characterize the site according to what you sell. We will design a logo for you if it does not exist, and we will choose a suitable color pattern that will fit correctly throughout the site.
In addition, we will perform a full characterization for your type of business and according to this we will build the design template that will be on the site.
Step 3: Build the store<br />

Step 3: Build the store

A well-designed and responsive online store will be built for you. Our sites are accompanied by a site promoter, so that in addition to a well-designed and customized site, you will get a site with the right hierarchy that can later begin the process of promoting SEO in a correct and orderly manner.
Step 4: Connect clearing and shipments<br />

Step 4: Connect clearing and shipments

The new website built for you will interface with all the clearing services currently offered in Israel, so you can receive orders and payments through the website at all hours of the day!
In addition, we will connect the site to the interface of the shipping company you have chosen, so that your customers can choose the shipping method through ordering on the site.

Just before it is ready ..

We will perform a comprehensive inspection on the site and it seems that everything is working properly. When the site is built, we send it to the customer for approval, and make changes according to his requirements.
In addition, we give the customer a comprehensive explanation of the system and how to use it on a regular and daily basis.

In the end, if you build a store with the right thigh, build campaigns and marketing funnels that will get your customers back to the site, a virtual store is the right way for you. Besides, if you have already chosen to sell physically, you can always open an online site that will give you backup and additional revenue.

Were you intrigued? Interested in more details? Do you have any questions? The GET UP team is available for you and will advise you on everything you need to build the perfect online store for you.