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What is an image site and for whom is it intended?

As the name implies, an image site is the next site to represent your business / company, whether you are a small shop owner or an international company owner.
An image site usually briefly describes about your business and what it offers in a few individual pages.

Why is it important that the site is well designed?

An image site is actually the first place that the potential customers of your business reach. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the site looks good on a visual level and is organized in terms of content and content in such a way that the customer understands exactly what is in front of him.

A customer who enters such a site, should receive information about everything that your business offers in a clear and inviting way that will make him want to move on and contact you.

Our emphases for building an image site

Focusing mainly

Focusing mainly

As a business that comes to offer something whether it is a solution, some product or even an idea, approach the matter. Presenting the company's agenda and the numerical data etc. are important but in the end we come to fulfill our customer's need, so it should be focused on. Tell less about your company and more about how you can help a customer who comes to your site.
An interesting and well-designed website that "catches the eye"<br />

An interesting and well-designed website that "catches the eye"

The site, as we humans have a few moments to impress the surfer,
It must therefore be focused in terms of its content and design. It is important that he has a design language that integrates throughout the site and the right thigh that the customer gets exactly the information he needs in the most convenient way. This is what will ultimately make the customer stay on your site and not move on to the next site.
Website optimized for SEO<br />

Website optimized for SEO

There are many businesses that invest heavily in an amazing website that meets all the needs and all the settings for a successful website.
But what is the point of such a site if you have no way to reach it as a surfer?
You can always spend money on advertising budgets to bring surfers to the site, but it is also important to ensure organic traffic that comes from Google free of charge for advertising. A site that is built according to SEO, with the right keywords and a good thigh is the first and very important step that will make the site be optimized for organic promotion.

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