A little about Facebook

Facebook is the third most controlled site in the world with about 2.6 billion users. 60% of internet users have a Facebook account.
The advertising strategy is PUSH, which is actually aggressive marketing of your product.
It is enough that the customer is interested – he will receive publications that will make him perform a conversion.
As a business you will want the ability to display ads to a customer without looking for them but by interests he is interested in, which will make your business increase its customer base. In addition, customers who have been to your site will want to bring them back through remarketing ads that will get them to convert.

Some facts about Facebook that you should know

By how much does Facebook users increase per second?

Facebook is still left with amazing data of 8 new subscribers per second or if you will it is about 7246 new users in a quarter of an hour.

1.62 billion users connect to Facebook every day.

66% of all Facebook users who are 1.62 billion connect daily.

How long can I view the post I uploaded?

A post is viewed on Facebook for up to two days on average, but its exposure time can be extended by promotion and advertising.

What is the average usage time of the platform?

The average browsing time on Facebook is 58.5 minutes a day!

Who is it for?

You could say that it depends on your business, what product or service it provides and what its need is. Accordingly, it will be possible to determine which platform is most suitable for advertising that will promote the business and bring it new customers. Another thing is opening a business page that is unequivocally suitable for any business and business. If you want recognition, these are some of the best advertising platforms in the digital world.

In conclusion, Facebook is without a doubt one of the market-leading advertising giants. With a large share of the population of users. Whether it is customers, small, large business owners and huge companies. Today every second user is there – and we as business owners need to take advantage of that for advertising. So if you are a business owner and want to be known, you just have to show up on Facebook. For more information and free consultation feel free to talk to us!