A little about Instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social networks in the world with over a billion monthly users.
Several years ago media giant Facebook saw the success and potential of Instagram and bought it.
Now Facebook actually holds a huge amount of information about its users, and we can use that and take advantage of it to our advantage.

Today every business that wants to reach a wide target audience will have a designed business Instagram account that will attract customers to follow it and thus generate a list of potential buyers.

Technical data on Instagram

70% of surfers are looking for brands on Instagram

Brands advertise an average of about 30 posts a month, 80% of surfers follow at least one brand.

4 billion likes a day

The number of clicks and the number of followers who express interest by liking or commenting on Instagram is about 4.2 billion a day. Which means Instagram is the place to interact with customers.

60% of surfers are familiar with new products

Isn't it time for potential customers to get to know your products / services?

Who is it for?

It varies greatly depending on the type of business. On the one hand further advertising will not hurt, but on the other hand one should definitely know where it is worth and worth investing the money. There are businesses for which advertising on Instagram will be less beneficial and in fact on other networks yes. Therefore, it should be understood that while Instagram is huge and powerful, it is not necessarily good for every business.

In conclusion, Instagram is an amazing platform for online advertising where you can perform sponsored and accurate advertising of suitable target audiences through a shared segmentation with Facebook which includes information such as: marital status, area of residence, age, gender, interests and more. With the help of interesting text and an attractive image you can sell the service or product we want.
The perfect match between Facebook and Instagram helps build a good campaign that can be shared on social networks and save a lot of money on other communication channels. On Instagram, you can expose users to content from unknown sources, so that they can actually follow your business. Try to fit into the community of an app in a natural way without being noticed by a business account or an individual.